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Absurd and ridiculous poems: Donald Drump i cant help but stare at donald trumps hair it makes him look quite silly even though he isnt dlly he owns towers and has many powers donald speaks his mind on any subject he can find he dislikes mexicans he thinks they aliens he doesnt give a damn … Continue reading

Of ganja and politricks — BEN TROVATO – Durban Poison

All eyes were on America last week as voters streamed to the polls. The results were greeted with widespread rejoicing. That’s right, folks. California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada voted to legalise marijuana for recreational use. They’re certainly going to need the weed to keep calm over the next four years. Possibly eight. Although it’s hard … Continue reading Of ganja and politricks — BEN TROVATO – Durban Poison

Of Farmers and Fathers — Discover

Jennifer Bowen Hicks reflects on mentors, likely and unlikely: “My life is filled with farmers…My farmers turned out to be writing teachers, people who’ve opened a gate, ushered me in, and inhabited my life however briefly, without DNA, without obligation.” via Of Farmers and Fathers — Discover

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