Absurd and ridiculous poems: Donald Drump
i cant help but stare
at donald trumps hair
it makes him look quite silly
even though he isnt dlly
he owns towers
and has many powers
donald speaks his mind
on any subject he can find
he dislikes mexicans
he thinks they aliens
he doesnt give a damn about what people say
he runs the usa
dragons he can slay
and he doesnt give a fig
that his hair looks like a wig!

Of ganja and politricks — BEN TROVATO – Durban Poison

All eyes were on America last week as voters streamed to the polls. The results were greeted with widespread rejoicing. That’s right, folks. California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada voted to legalise marijuana for recreational use. They’re certainly going to need the weed to keep calm over the next four years. Possibly eight. Although it’s hard to […]

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Tart Factor

I was reading a magazine a month ago and as usual Kim Kardashian graced the cover celebrating women’s curves. Inside there she was in all of her naked glory boobs hanging out butt bulging out in what appeared to be a bathing suit masquerading as address .Another photo depicted her in jeans and a halter neck top, nipples in full view! I gasped I stared, I glared and shook my head in disbelief. I wondered if this woman had any shame. Clearly she loves attention. She wants to be looked at and dresses in a way that guarantees it .She must be an exhibitionism, I thought to myself. I however am at the opposite end of the scale. I don’t enjoy being stared at and will never be seen dead in Kim’s ensemble. I prefer to dress more conservatively be a little mysterious, keep the goods undercover with just a hint of what’s underneath on display. Kim though goes the full Monty! Therefore she boggles my mind. Your opinion might be why must she be ashamed of her body? You might even call it art. Call it whatever you like wrap it in as many pretty ribbons as you can but I call it exhibitionism. Exhibitionists, extroverts, introverts. Social Phobic. What makes us who we are, or rather, what happened to make us who we are? Kim is clearly not shy and she certainly doesn’t suffer from social phobia but there are people in the world suffering from these debilitating it trauma suffered as a child? I remember when I was five years old in first grade and our whole school went to the circus. We looked d at the animals in the cages and at the lone elephant in all her majestic, humongous splendor standing in the gravel surrounded by first grade teacher informed us that the elephants were dangerous and instructed not venture near it. Being an animal lover I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was a five year old child feasting my eyes on an elephant for the first time in my life. I was so thrilled so exhilarated, I just wanted to touch this splendid creature. I ignored my teacher’s warnings and ran under the ropes towards the elephant. My teacher ran after me grabbed me and hauled me back to safety. She then scolded me in front of the whole school. She shrieked, she became hysterical, she went ballistic! The whole school laughed at me. I sank my head in shame. I closed my eyes and saw darkness and heard the incessant laughter of the children. I was so embarrassed and ashamed .I had committed an offense and was at the center of ridicule. In my mind my teacher was now a horrible woman. My five year old brain could not comprehend that my teacher was petrified. She was our teacher and responsible for our safety. She reacted in that manner out of fear. She did not intentionally set out to ridicule me but that is what I felt then. I remember feeling that I was at the center of attention and for all the wrong reasons .there was now a negative connotation attached to being stared at. After that childhood trauma, I remember that whenever I was excited for something, over-zealous, laughed or talked to loud, I was reprimanded for it. This led to me repressing myself. I became introverted .I felt like a caged animal: repressed, oppressed, suppressed, longing to fly free like a butterfly and just be myself .psychologists talk about our ‘our free child’ and our adapted child that we have within us .I went from a free child to an adapted child fearful to act spontaneous wondering if I’m talking to loud acting too differently or deviating from the norm. The human brain is can comprehend things as an adult yet the negative feelings and associations are still there. I wonder again what makes us who we are what happened to us to become the way we are? In my opinion, Kim suffered no childhood trauma like mine. She has no negative connotations associated being looked at. She likes attention and will dress accordingly .some may like it some may not. She’s lucky, that girl. She is a free child. To live your life as you please and not give a damn what people think is heaven on earth. For the rest of us shy, introverted, socially awkward individuals: may we emerge from our shells, break free from our constricting chains, our repressions, our fears of ridicule and be the free child we were meant to be and fly like butterflies .I still wouldn’t be caught dead in Kim’s dress though. Breast and buttocks! One tart factor at a time please.

An Article named my ‘Bossy Woman”

Men. They often get the blame for everything, don’t they? There’s the chauvinist, the egotist, the bossy but brilliant businessman to name a few .then there’s the faithful, devoted family man finally the long suffering husband/boyfriend. There are many breeds of women too but the one that instils fear in my heart and shivers down my spine is the bossy woman wears the pants in the house and sits on her husband’s head, she is prone to nagging and scolding, thereby assuming the parent role while the husband occupies the role of naughty child. I know a woman once who literally ‘babysat’ her boyfriend. Everywhere he went she followed him. When he visited us, she would visit a woman across the road and watch our house from the front porch with eagle eyes. When she spotted him, she would shout his name and surname out loud, “James smith, I’m watching you! Why on earth do these women pick men with ‘with wondering eyes’ only to spend a life with him filled with insecurities and then having to watch him to keep in line? And why do these men put up with this? My sister told me that it makes them feel wanted. Wanted! Past try stalked rather. Another friend of mine found her husband quite irritating, especially when he had inhibited to much alcohol maybe the fact that he babbled non-stop while under the influence added to her irritation. After listening to his incessant babbling once too much, she elbowed him hard in his ribs. Given the fact that she is quiet hefty stature, it must have been rather painful for him although he didn’t even bat an eye. He must be used to it, I thought to myself. She also complains incessantly about him and to him. Clearly, life with him is just one big fat irritation except on payday. Then she tolerates him quite well. Why would a woman an irritating man, only to berate him constantly about his erring annoying ways and even resort to getting violent with her elbows? Ladies you aren’t wives anymore you are now bullies my next door is man’s worst nightmare. She constantly putting her husband down. She enjoys shouting at him and calling him mad. Now that is a bossy woman. He suppresses his anger but maybe the fact that she owns house, and the car has something .after bossy woman bought long suffering husband a car, he decided to test drive it at 6:30 am there by interrupting my beauty sleep I watched from my window as she yelled instructions to him from the gate, wearing her nightgown. Not that weird you might think, but what astounds me is the fact that this woman can’t drive! I would have has sympathy for him if it want for the argument I had with him concerning their loud music With which they annoy me and that he assailed me with expletives I’d rather forget .you deserve each other, I thought myself .whenever he offers his opinion on a subject matter, bossy woman shuts him up with no john, keep quiet’. He also has to ask her permission to buy things. Ridiculous! She actually emasculating him yet he tolerates this. I think he puts up with her bossy way because he is lazy. She cooks washes his clothes. Once she visited an ailing family member and left him home alone…I could believe it when he complain to me that he now had to do everything himself! You lazy big baby I thought to myself .should we have sympathy for these long suffering men? Should we revile these bossy women .I think not .you can’t choose your family but you can choose your partner. Some people just deserve each other. For goodness sake choose people you are compatible with unless you actually like a bossy woman, well in that case; hurry up Simon, oh keep quite John, don’t drive like that Richard ,I’m watching you James, I’m watching!